Thursday, 28 June 2012

IUI #2.2 - My Husband is a Rockstar!

I had IUI#2.2 today, and am so happy to report that my husband's sperm finally came to the party! :) His motility shot up to 60% (progressive)!! Yesterday it was only 4%, so that is a huge difference! His concentration was decent (28 million per ml), and his volume was the best it has been yet (2ml). Overall, awesome result! We had 13 million motile post wash! :)) I am so so relieved. Even if this doesn't work this cycle, I have a little more hope now, as there is evidence that his boys can put on a good showing. :)

I think the difference might actually be the lack of abstaining this time. His motility has been consistently higher when he doesn't abstain for more than 24 hours, and substantially lower when he does (for example, he abstained for 3 days before the 4% motility yesterday). His count is higher when he abstains, but frankly, who gives a fuck if we have 100 million immotile sperm? So, no more abstaining for us. It's more fun this way anyway! ;)

As for me, the jury is out on whether I had already ovulated. The ultrasound technician said definitely not, but the nurse said maybe/probably based on my bloodwork (progesterone went up, estrogen fell slightly). The doctor was adamant that I would not ovulate until 36 hours after the trigger, and that my bloodwork was normal for right before ovulation. Dr. Google is, of course, inconsistent - some sources say progesterone starts to rise immediately before ovulation, and some say it only rises after (and no, I am not consulting Yahoo answers!). I did get one positive OPK the night before trigger, but I got a negative within hours, and my bloodwork has not shown an LH surge. Perhaps it was a short surge, and maybe it was a false positive. Who knows. Either way, it was at least close. With multiple follies and 13 million swimmers, I can't help but hope!

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