Tuesday, 19 June 2012

CD3 - Gonal-f is a Go

I had my CD3 appointment today, and left in high spirits.  Everything looks great for this cycle!  My antral follicle count was 22, with the largest follicles on each side both being 0.9 cm.  Take that, low ovarian reserve!!  No cysts, good FSH (3.74, should be <10) and estradiol (150, should be <200). 

So now I start taking Gonal-f!  I honestly never imagined that I would be sticking myself in the stomach with a needle that looks like this:

...or at all, ever.

But I did it, and honestly, it's no big deal.  It looks scary, but the anticipation is far worse than the actual experience.  It hurt just a tiny bit, that's all.  And then it was done.  :)

I am so hopeful this cycle!  As I always am, I guess. The way I see it, I will be crushed when if I get a BFN no matter what - there is no way that I can actually keep my hope in check enough to avoid that.  So, I figure that I might as well indulge in a little positive energy, and enjoy the fantasy of "maybe."  The end result will be what it is. 

So, here's to this cycle!  I hope it's the one! 

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