Monday, 9 July 2012

I'm Pregnant! :))

I'm pregnant!! :)

I am so excited! I took a digital First Response test this morning with FMU, as well as another FRER. Both tests were very clearly positive! The second line on the FRER was darker and more pink than it was yesterday. I am also now getting faint positives on internet cheapies (which by the way, are garbage! They are supposed to be sensitive to 10mui - I call bullshit on that).   What a beautiful way to wake up:

I am beside myself. I had myself convinced that this was not our cycle. In fact, I was becoming increasingly convinced that this whole process was going to take much, much longer than I had thought (I mean really - 4% motility!). I feel so very, very blessed right now! :)

Betas on Thursday and Saturday. Praying for good numbers, and a healthy doubling time!
Please stick, little Bug. I already love you so much.

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