Monday, 16 July 2012


Today was a great day!  I had my second beta test today, and am elated that it came back at a whopping 979!  :)  It was 135 on Thursday, which gives me a doubling time of 33.59 hours!  This is a fantastic result, and I could not be more pleased, or relieved!  My progesterone was also shockingly high, at 178 nmol/L (which is different from ng/mL).  This is actually the highest level that my RE's lab is capable of measuring. 

My RE is completely unconcerned about my cramps, and has assured me that they are normal. They are so happy with the betas that they are not going to bother doing another draw, and have instead scheduled our next appointment as being our first ultrasound at 8 weeks on August 9.

My husband and I are both so, so, SO happy!  We know that at this point, anything can still happen.  It is still so nice to know that at least as of now, everything is normal for once!

Today is actually also our 9 year dating anniversary, which makes the day extra special.  :)  We are certainly celebrating tonight!

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