Wednesday, 11 July 2012

3 Weeks, 6 Days - Nervous but Excited

I'm still pregnant! 

Ha.  Seriously though, not much to update yet.  I have been taking FRERs every morning, partly to ensure that the line is getting darker, and partly to assure myself that I am indeed still pregnant.  :)  The line has gotten stronger, thankfully.  I also finally worked up the nerve to take a Clearblue digi, and sure enough, its pronouncement of how far along I am correlates precisely with reality (phew!).  Here are the three most recent FRERs, and the digi:

My first beta is tomorrow morning.  Second beta should be Saturday.  I admit, I'm pretty nervous!  I am really struggling with fear and worry at this stage, given my previous loss.  I am so scared that those betas are not going to double the way they should.  Every little twinge in my general abdominal area makes my heart skip a beat.  I am terrified about losing this baby.  I wish that I could reclaim the innocence of pregnancy prior to my miscarriage.  Instead, it is a daily struggle to convince myself not to worry, that chances are that everything will be fine, and that the likelihood that I will miscarry again is low.  I have to be positive.  I have to allow myself to enjoy this, to hope, to get excited.  Afterall, a life is actually growing inside of me right now.  That is pretty amazing.  :)

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