Sunday, 16 September 2012

An Experiment

My symptoms really began to pick up last week following my ultrasound on Tuesday.  I started actually bleeding, whereas I had only really spotted prior to that point.  Well, with the exception of the massive hemorrhaging incident of course.  Anyway, the blood last week was mostly still brownish, but it seemed to have a reddish tinge, which totally freaked me out.  My cramps also became stronger.  

As my symptoms picked up, so too did my fear.  Also, while I do trust my doctor, I can't help but notice that my symptoms do seem to be more pronounced when I am moving around.  So, while she swears left right and centre that full-on bed rest will not help, I am still skeptical.  

My solution (hopefully)?  Vacation time.  My husband and I had a trip tentatively planned for late October - we were going to go south for a week (or maybe to Greece, but that was less likely).  I was convinced that a week away would help us heal if the worst happens.  It probably would have.  But, the time is much better spent trying to PREVENT the worst from happening in the first place.  So, with my employer's blessing, I moved the vacation time up last minute.  I have been off since Friday, and do not go back to work until the 24th. 

 While on "vacation", I will be giving bed rest a shot.  My hope is that whatever is torn or bleeding inside of me will be given some time to heal.  I am actually somewhat optimistic in this regard.  In fact, after only two days, there is a very stark difference in symptoms.  My bleeding has stopped - I am back to extremely light brown spotting (I have had this almost daily for almost 8 weeks).  Cramps are still there, but maybe after a few days, they will ease up too.

I am already bored out of my skull!  :). I have been doing partial bed rest for weeks (ie. in bed at all times when not at desk job), so it is already pretty old.  I am running out of ways to occupy myself.  It  goes without saying that it will be worth it though, if it helps.  I would do a LOT more than bed rest to protect this baby.

I will probably just end up working remotely all week.  I really do love my job, and it is certainly more interesting than staring at the walls. :)

Anyway, that is my update.  I am doing everything I can to save this baby.  Hopefully, it will be enough.

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  1. I had such a hard time reading all of your latest posts, Ive been there girl and its hell. I agree wholeheartedly with you on the bedrest. I have been seeing a Naturopath (not sure if you are into that kind of stuff) and she makes a big deal about listening to your intuition - no one knows you, your feelings, your baby better than you right now, and if you feel bed rest is warranted then I say do it. Nothing worse than NOT doing it and if something goes wrong you always second guessing yourself on what may have been. Im sending out all the good vibes I can to you right now and will keep checking your updates to see how you are doing. All the best x