Wednesday, 6 March 2013

38 Weeks! Holy Cow.

Well, as of tomorrow anyway!  I seriously can't believe that I have made it this far, and that I am about to have a baby!

He seems rather anxious to make his debut.  I haven't had an internal yet, but I did have a NST yesterday as a result of his heart rate being very elevated during an ultrasound (he was moving like crazy).  The nurse asked me several times, "Are you sure you can't feel that?"  I couldn't feel a thing, but apparenty I was having contractions.  Mild, for sure, and nothing to indicate that I was (or was about to be) in actual labour.  Still, contractions! 

Knowing that made this all seem very real. 

I am also told that he has moved down very low.  It often feels as if he is literally digging at my cervix. 

He could decide to join us at any time! 

I am ready to meet him.  :)  I mean, I'm not ready - the nursery isn't done, we still haven't finished unpacking - but I am ready in every way that really matters.  The important items are in place - ie. the crib, bassinet, diapers, wipes, etc.  We will be able to feed him, soothe him, bathe him, and put him down to sleep safely and comfortably.  The rest is just details.

And I am ready to be a mother! 

Actually, that statement is totally misleading.  I already am a mother.  I have been since I first learned that a little life was growing inside me last year - our angel baby.  I have been a mother to this little Bug since he was conceived. 

What I really mean to say then, is that I am ready to meet my son.  :)

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