Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Still here!

It has been quite a while since I posted an update - I apologize for that! Things have just gotten so crazy, I haven't had much time to reflect.  Given that it has been a month and a half since my last post, I figured that I would force myself to sit down and put something together.  So, here is my update...

We moved in January, which made for a pretty crazy month.  Note to self: do not move at 6 months pregnant ever.again.!.  It was seriously not a great decision on our part.  I wasn't able to help much (other than with some packing), and my poor (and amazing) husband did most of it.  We are very lucky to have a great set of friends, many of whom showed up on moving day to help us as well.    It is amazing how much stuff  you can accumulate after living with someone for almost 10 years!  In any event, we did it, and are now still in the process of unpacking.  Most of my restrictions have been lifted, so I can help more now, which is great.  It is still slow-going, but we will get there.

The nursery however, is another story.  Nothing is done.  Nada.  Zilch.  It has not even been painted.  That is starting to stress me out, with 4 weeks to go until our little guy's anticipated debut.  I feel like it should be picture perfect and ready to go now.  We have most of the stuff purchased and/or en route, so it is really just a matter of painting and getting everything together once it gets here. My husband has promised to tackle it this week.  The man really has been a saint through all of this.

I have been off work for almost two weeks now, at my doctor's insistence.  My fluid was low during a a growth scan a few weeks ago.  Given the history of this pregnancy and the fact that I am still spotting consistenty, my doctor decided that I should stop working at 34 weeks.  I'm not complaining!  I am very fortunate to have a great short term disability insurance policy, such that I am still getting paid a decent portion of my salary while I am off. I can certainly use the time to get things together.

I am being monitored very closely now, with weekly ultrasounds, weekly appointments with my OB (which I think is normal at this point anyway?) and a high risk specialist who is overseeing the pregnancy via my OB.  As usual, Samuel is doing extremely well, in spite of all of the complications and issues that have arisen through the course of this pregnancy.  He continues to measure ahead, but his lead is shrinking, which I am told is normal and healthy.  He was in the 60th percentile last week.  The ultrasound techs always comment on how much hair he appears to have. :) I love seeing him every week, and am extremely grateful for the extra reassurance that this level of scrutinty and monitoring provides.

As for me, I am feeling great.  I have the usual third trimester discomforts, including exhaustion, sore feet and back, heartburn, etc.  You will never hear me complaining about any of it though! I am just so, so thankful to be pregnant with this baby boy, and to have made it this far. I can't believe that we will get to meet him in less than a month!! Just the thought makes me smile, every time!

Now if I can just get the nursery ready in time..... :)

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  1. Wow! I can't believe you only have 4 weeks. I hear you on the nursery. I have only cleaned the room out. I just have not had the time to actually start working on it. We haven't even bought really anything for him so I am starting to feel a little freaked out and I have 12 weeks to go. I hope you can get everything you want done accomplished by then. Anyways I hope everything goes well from here on out.