Monday, 2 September 2013

Please Don't Let Me Forget...

A few random things that I want to remember, forever:

  1. The way you look when you are sleeping in my arms;
  2. The way you sometimes keep "sucking" after I de-latch you when you are asleep;
  3. The way you reach out and explore my face with your little hands - and the look of wonder on your face when you do so;
  4. The way your face lights up when I laugh;
  5. How excited you get when I cheer you on (after you do something new for example), and how you then try to repeat whatever it was that got the cheer, over and over;
  6. How you giggle when I shake my head over you so that my hair brushes your face;
  7. The way you reach out and play with (or try to eat?) your books now when I read to you at night;
  8. The way you sometimes "talk" to me now, very insistently, and in a voice that is almost whisper quiet;
  9. The way you smile as soon as you see me, after being held by someone else;
  10. The weight of your little head resting against my chest, on my shoulder, or on my arm, after you have fallen asleep;
  11. The look on your face when you see or experience something new and exciting for the first time - a mixture of wonder, confusion, and amazement;
  12. Your tiny, chubby little  feet;
  13. Your sweet gummy smile;
  14. Your adorable belly laughs (which are most common when I pull a onesie over your head, strap you into the jolly jumper, or tickle your belly and chest); and
  15. The way you look at me sometimes....I just know that in that moment, you are trying to tell me how much you love me. It melts my heart.

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