Monday, 6 May 2013

Cliche, but True

They really do grow up too fast.

 Bug is only 7 weeks old, and yet already I can see him changing and growing, and leaving the newborn stage behind.  His newborn clothes haven't fit for weeks.  (I admit that I shed a tear or two the first time I realized that he had outgrown them.). He is more alert every day, and is starting to try to communicate other than by crying (making vowel sounds, etc).  He can clearly see and focus on things that are much farther away now. He has amazing head and neck control, and can sit up (against something) without needing his head to be supported at all.  And the smiles! They are my favorite part of every day.

I absolutely love that he is becoming more interactive.  I also admit that part of me can't wait until he outgrows his fussiness a bit (okay, a lot).  Still though, it makes me sad to see him growing so quickly.  I love his little baby cuddles, the little noises that he makes, the way that he smells.  I love that look of wonder in his eyes as he studies my face.  His tiny little toes make my heart melt.  I have rarely been more content or at peace than I am when I am nursing him - it is as if at that moment at least, there is nothing else in the world that matters to either of us.

As weird as it may sound, I also kind of love that he needs me so much.  That I am his world right now.  As he is mine.

So, while I am certainly enjoying watching my son grow and develop, I admit that part of me is sad to see my little baby changing and growing so quickly.

Before I know it, he will no longer insist on napping only in my arms.   Nursing while nestled against me will no longer be his favorite way to spend his time.   He will not need me quite so much.  His world will grow exponentially, and I will only be a small part of it.

I guess I am just experiencing what countless other parents have gone through and lamented before me.  It may be cliche, but it is also true - they really do grow up too fast.

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