Sunday, 7 April 2013

Early Lessons

Some things I have learned in my almost-three-weeks of motherhood:

1.  All of the parenting books and advice in the world cannot actually prepare you for the first weeks of motherhood.

2.  Sleep deprivation is infinitely more difficult to cope with when you realize that you may ever actually have an opportunity to sleep well again.  It is very different from lost sleep when you know and can look forward to catching up with a good eight hours after exams/work/ whatever else is keeping you up passes.

3.  Some babies do not like to be put down.  Ever.  Period.

4.  It's amazing what you can accomplish one-handed when you don't have a choice.

5.  After a bath, Bug will almost always have an explosive poop.  The only question is whether he will then also pee on me and himself while I try to clean him up.

6.  Babies can pee in the own ears.  Seriously.

7.  A clean sleeper will invariably lead to spit up within half an hour, if not minutes.

8.  Growth spurts suck.  Literally.

9.  You cannot "sleep when baby sleeps" if baby refuses to sleep anywhere other than on you.

10.  Poop and pee and lack of sleep notwithstanding, you have never known a love like the one you will feel for your child.

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