Sunday, 21 October 2012

First Real Kick! :)

After weeks of feeling "flutters" and little bubbles and wondering whether I was actually feeling Bug, I am pretty sure that I felt an actual kick last night! :) I was lying in bed praying (for Bug, of course), and felt one of those little "I think something just moved inside me but I'm not positive" feelings.  I asked out loud, "Is that you, Bug?", and smiled.  I then immediately felt a firm "pop" against the inside of my stomach, right where I had felt the maybe-movement a moment before.  It felt exactly like something little kicked me from the inside.  It was such an amazing feeling! I ran out of the room to tell my husband, I was so excited! We had just been talking about how I was getting a bit nervous about the movement issue when we were out for (our wedding anniversary) dinner earlier that night.  He was ecstatic.  We said goodnight, and as I was walking away he whispered, "goodnight, Bug".  I teared up.  That was the first time he has ever spoken to the baby, and the first time he used my pet name for him/her.  Overall, it was a great night. I am still on cloud nine about it today.  :). I can't wait until the movement becomes consistent, and when my husband can feel him/her move as well.  

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